There are only marginally more transport planners in the world than there are giant pandas. And, like giant pandas, transport planners are in big demand. So when it came to connecting with as many of the planet's 4000 planners as possible, our work was definitely cut out for us.


Bamboo, anyone?

The challenge was to reach out to them and share insight into the projects, rewards and people at Atkins, with the aim of creating a fast-flowing talent pipeline. However, one thing we did figure out about transport planners is that they're well connected with each other, and that they enjoy networking as much as pandas enjoy bamboo. And this presented us with a clever, social media driven opportunity.


A smarter campaign

What we did was create a smart social campaign across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram that ran like clockwork, Monday to Friday, for four weeks - all aimed at snaring transport planners in the wild, and encouraging them to re-share content within their own networks. A key aspect was getting the Atkins transport planning team to add their own personal stories, which increased the campaign's authenticity, depth and reach.

Results that make an impression

The campaign ran smoothly, and generated lots of interest internally and externally. But don’t just take our word for it. Katie Holmes, Talent Attraction Analyst at Atkins, said “we had interest from several candidates, which is great in such a small market. However, we did make an offer to one person directly as a result of the campaign and it made such an impression we decided to run the campaign again a few weeks later.” 

But the client wasn't the only one who was impressed (no, it wasn't the pandas), because the whole campaign was also shortlisted for ‘Best Use of Social Media’ at the Recruitment Marketing Awards 2016.