On the sixth day of Christmas, Chatter decided to show that we do occasionally do work for real clients, and don’t spend all our time at parties or making Christmas cards. And it may be a slightly tenuous connection, but we recently started working with the team at Sky Betting and Gaming on a recruitment campaign, including 6 sheets!

As well as having a recruitment need for software engineers in the competitive Leeds and Sheffield markets, Sky Betting and Gaming broke away from ‘Big Sky’ earlier in the year. So this would be the first time they publicised themselves anywhere as anything other than their corporate brands (like SkyBet, SkyVegas, or SkyBingo). 

Taking out a message that reflects Sky Betting and Gaming status as an agile, challenger brand, despite the big name, we took to the train stations, streets and news-sheets of Leeds and Sheffield. And once people knew SBG were recruiting, we had to send them somewhere to find out more. So we created a simple microsite where we could direct people to (skybetcareers.com), while in the meantime, we’re working behind the scenes on an even more exciting, more in depth careers site for them.

Here’s some of our handiwork...