There's much more to City & Guilds than you might think. In fact, they make a huge impact on people’s lives and the UK economy every single year, and they’ve helped a huge 20 million people gain a qualification in the last 20 years alone. 

City & Guilds

From sad to superb

Could we transform the way people view careers within the organisation? We were more than up for the challenge, so City & Guilds asked us to take a look at their old careers site. What we found was a sad looking collection of static pages stuffed full of lifeless text alongside links to their ATS. So, it was up to us to build a website that would bring their employer brand to life, and provide a superb candidate experience.


Changing perceptions

Because that old site didn't reflect their brand or who they were as a company, we had the advantage of starting with a blank sheet of paper. It meant we had the green light to create a vibrant new site that changed perceptions while taking care of the more mundane stuff like telling people all about the organisations teams, careers, and more. However, the budget was tight and the timescales even tighter - but that didn't stop us from transforming the brand, creating a big personality, and taking care of the tech behind it all, like making sure the ATS experience was seamless.


Put simply, City & Guilds loved our work, and it had a pretty good response from candidates, too. In fact, the conversion rate from visit to completed application increased by a massive 15%, which meant we were more than up to the job.