When Telefónica created one central careers website for all of their European businesses, it got a big thumbs up from candidates. However, when that site grew it quickly became unmanageable, confusing and inconsistent. So we stepped up and created a streamlined site that would go further - and be more.


We needed to push all the right buttons

O2 have a strong and very unique brand, and they wanted their new careers website to reflect this. More importantly, it needed to provide candidates with quick, seamless and streamlined experiences - and they asked us to transform their current site into something that pushed all the right buttons.


A site that made sense

We started by completely re-engineering the site map and paring it down to just the essentials. Long conversations about the internal structure of the business meant we were able to group 20 different teams and departments into 4 simple areas - Head Office, Retail, Technology and Early Careers. We wrote shorter copy with a refreshed and more straightforward tone of voice. And we seamlessly integrated a new ATS system into the site using a reverse proxy to ensure a branded experience from start to finish. The ultimate idea was to create a site that made sense to everyone who visited it.

We let the cat out of the... space helmet

When one of your key brand devices is a cat in a space helmet, you know you're doing something right. In fact, it's no secret the reaction to the site was overwhelmingly positive. It better reflected O2's personality, feedback and candidate conversions were greatly improved, and it totally transformed the candidate journey from start to finish.