No job descriptions. No person specifications. No job titles. At Chatter, we like different. And a project to help O2 find unique personalities to fill their stores of the future was certainly different enough to grab our attention. 


Ripping up the rulebook

The brief was simple: rip up the rulebook and attract people with personality in a hurry. O2's overall idea was equally as simple: create a new high street experience that was different in every way from other mobile phone shops. But simple doesn't always mean easy, and in the end we had to attract, select, onboard and train people - fast.


A new kind of experience

The solution involved finding locations for pop-up stores in Manchester and London. Then kitting them out. Then creating and replicating a new kind of customer experience. Then recruiting a new breed of candidate - over 50 of them in fact. But we needed the right kind of people, and this meant generating a creative campaign that looked very different from the usual O2 style, and helping O2 launch an explorer room at their Slough HQ. Finally, we created a talent shortlist via simple applications, online assessments and video interviews and invited candidates to strut their stuff live at our pop up stores where we could see them in action. Everyone received a goody bag to say thanks, and those who were successful received a themed gift box to congratulate them for being a ‘different someone’.

The results speak for themselves

The feedback from the live events was amazing. The HR team loved it. And the results weren’t too shabby either. But what did the candidates who went through the experience think? See for yourself at