PayPal is one of those familiar brands that everyone has used at some point or another. But the question they asked us was: can we make our European employees feel at home from day one just as much as our customers do when they use our service?


The solution was social

You'll find PayPal's customers across the globe. And that means their call centres in Dublin and Dundalk constantly need to recruit bilingual speakers from across Europe. However, new starters often arrive in Ireland on the Sunday and start work on the Monday - and it's not always easy to quickly settle into a new environment, never mind a whole new country. So PayPal asked us if we could improve the process by helping new starters to socialise with other employees, and to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.


A spark of an idea

First off, we talked to their new recruits so we could figure out what they really needed. Those discussions sparked an idea for a private Facebook group that helped new starters meet other employees, get updates on company news and social events, and find a range of documents and guides. We also developed a consistent brand feel, and ensured that all content was easy to understand for non-native English speakers, and rolled this out to a detailed content calendar that delivered key information, reminders, competitions and fun content about life in Ireland from two weeks before a start date until two weeks afterwards.

Unique approach, brilliant results

The feedback we received was brilliant, as was the Recruitment Business Award for Best Digital Engagement we won too - even if we do say so ourselves. In fact, virtually all of the new recruits appreciated our unique approach with many getting involved in creating and sharing content themselves. And not only do new starters now develop a deeper understanding of the business (and the country) before they begin work, they get to build their own personal network too.