Our first project at Chatter was to launch flexible benefits to the Telefónica technical community in Madrid. Since then we’ve been working on some projects closer to home too...


Going deep

Telefónica wanted to reduce attrition during the first six months and non-attendance on first days by enabling deeper emotional connections between new starters and the business itself - and they asked for our help to do it.


Onboarding starts here

We believe that onboarding should start long before a candidate is physically on board, enjoying their first day. And that's what drove our thinking for this project. Previously candidates had received an emailed offer pack containing PDF documents, but then often heard nothing for up to three months until their first day on the job. So, we created 'The Welcome Lounge' - an online portal that catered to the needs of different candidates at different stages of the process (from important document downloads, to tips on where to grab the best lunches), ensuring that each candidate's new role was transformed from being a distant, abstract concept to a tangible reality.

You're welcome

An immediate and unexpected bonus of 'The Welcome Lounge' was the £5k annual saving from not having to reprint those PDFs. More importantly, as one of the first sites to implement the newly launched Telefónica brand guidelines and the first of Telefónica’s European HR sites to use responsive design for mobile, feedback was brilliant with over 78% of visitors rating the site excellent.