Hyde, a leading London based social housing provider that manages 48,000 homes for 95,000 residents, wanted to launch a new internal brand for their HR function. And it turned out to be the perfect home for our expertise.

Hyde Group

Capturing hearts, and minds

When Hyde decided to get stuck into a major operational reorganisation, it also provided an ideal opportunity for the HR team to improve their image within the business and make sure that they were the first port of call for all employees. And that's where our challenge began - to create a whole new internal brand that not only raised the profile of HR, but captured employees' hearts, and minds.


A brand that made a lasting difference

We worked closely with them to create and launch a HR brand with a core proposition of 'Social hearts, Business minds'. Inspired by the Hyde logo, we created a curved ‘smile’ device that sat at the heart of the brand and complemented the broader organisational strapline – ‘Making a lasting difference’. A new careers site and toolkit were the first projects to use the brand and this quickly expanded to include an onboarding portal that guided new employees (and managers) through their first six months.

Smiles all round

Our solution went much further than increasing awareness of the HR team. It improved the quality of hires, raised the profile of Hyde as an employer of choice, ensured line managers and new recruits felt better supported, and paved the way for further projects that included a portal to house all key HR info.