Hello! I’ve been at Chatter 2 years now, having graduated from the University of Leeds in Summer 2014. I left university terrified of the prospect of ‘real’ work, but a couple of years in my worries don’t seem to have been warranted at all. 

The team here are fantastic and and absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve got to know our wonderful flockers, worked with some of the loveliest clients ever, and got my teeth stuck into some really interesting projects. I even managed to bag my first trip to France!

Outside the office I’m an avid sports fan, a keen film buff and have become famous for my outdated (bad!) taste in music. I try to get to as many live sports games and music gigs as my overdraft will allow, and enjoy heading back home to the Lakes for a good old walk when I can.

I am delighted to find that the transition from student to professional has been far less traumatic than I expected. Being able to work in such a happy environment, in my beloved Leeds, with some great folks seems like a dream come true!

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