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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy - Austin Fraser

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Austin Fraser (AF) is a recruitment consultancy based in the UK, the US and Germany. Specialising in life science and tech, the business runs many events for its communities (especially on tech and software such as Magento).

AF’s social media content was therefore very event-focused and failed to promote AF as a recruitment consultancy. We needed to make sure that AF offered more than a glorified social calendar while publicising the company on an employer level. The business was keen to develop its profile but lacked the internal capacity, so in April 2019, Chatter stepped up to help.


We’d already created an Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which guided the creative treatment and strategy. The next step was to map the sources of potential content: the AF website, LinkedIn and the experiences of employees.

We then worked out a schedule to connect with AF’s three audiences, Talent, Clients and Communities. Basing posts on this (and aligning them to the EVP), we created a social media campaign that gave a fuller and more compelling view of AF.

To generate content and build connections, the Talent Team began to undertake ‘#TalentTakeovers’ on Instagram. The business also began to get more value out of events, by creating follow-up blogs that attracted those who couldn’t attend and newcomers to the communities. Through these developments, we created channel depth, giving back to communities while appealing to potential clients and staff.

With so much happening, the schedule is always changing. We touch base regularly with Talent and Community Managers to plan and evaluate content.  


Growth across LinkedIn has been huge, which is a great achievement – especially as this is an audience that’s renowned for demanding quality. Other platforms have also grown, but less dramatically:

  • LinkedIn - 26,723 (Feb) to 35,267 (Aug)
  • Instagram - 587 (April) to 686 (Aug)

  • Twitter - 2443 (Jan) to 2463 (Aug)

  • Facebook - 1258 (Feb) to 1261 (Aug)

This project has brought home just how important communities are to the success of Austin Fraser. In short, they’re the key to creating a unique and reputable profile in a highly competitive industry. The business is gradually differentiating itself by creating lively, multi-faceted digital groups for clients and potential candidates. Social media is making it happen, like by like and click by click.

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