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Social Media Strategy

100% Human - TalkTalk

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TalkTalk provides pay television, telecommunications, internet and mobile network services to businesses and consumers across the United Kingdom. But that’s not all – it’s also a great employer.

Our challenge was to spread the word, pushing the business’s culture and a recent Head Office move to Salford.

At this point, TalkTalk had a corporate LinkedIn presence, but not much else on social media. That meant there was plenty of scope to build the brand personality across more platforms and generate a buzz. It was a great project to tackle, because there was so much to say! As well as a cool new ‘Soapworks’ office site, TalkTalk has a uniquely human culture. We set about raising TalkTalk’s profile, implementing their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and building organic content to boost brand identity.


TalkTalk already had an EVP – but it had never been launched. That meant we had a ready-made guide for future communications. A big part of it was based on TalkTalk’s corporate approach (“TalkTalk for everyone”), which we translated into a campaign called 100% human.

To create content, we asked people in the business to share their stories with us. We had some fantastic responses, which showed the fair and giving side of the business. Many also shone a light on TalkTalk’s Diversity & Inclusion, and we created blogs for certain stories to drive traffic to content. We also did a photoshoot to provide images for the creative.

Using a content pyramid, we produced a wealth of posts that defined the brand and celebrated TalkTalk’s move to the snazzy Soapworks site in Salford.


TalkTalk social media activity has grown substantially, especially on LinkedIn. And crucially, perceptions of the business have completely transformed. People are discovering that TalkTalk is one of the few companies where work-life balance is truly respected. Employees really are free to be 100% themselves and to take the time they need for life outside work.

The next step is to make sure this message is conveyed even when the business isn’t recruiting. The project’s gone from a one-month trial to a successful, ongoing mission.   

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