An affordable employer brand development tool designed to define and health check your EVP.

At Chatter, we help businesses to build and manage their reputation as employers by engaging better with talent. That’s why we’ve worked hard developing HUME, our affordable employer brand development tool designed to define and health check your employer value proposition (EVP).

When it comes to an EVP, it’s all about the Rational (appealing to the head) and the Emotional (appealing to the heart). HUME is structured and easy to complete, robust and delivered with minimum fuss, and repeatable to track progress.


What’s the difference between an EVP and an employer brand?

HUME measures the EVP - what’s on offer to employees, what’s expected from them and what they can expect from the business in return. It ensures that everyone in the business has a shared sense of purpose and a steer on the way things are done. It’s a broad remit to make sure there’s a consistent employee experience across all HR touch points, all to help achieve the overall business objectives.

The employer brand is the way the EVP is brought to life in terms of design, copy and marketing. It’s the messages that are on a careers site, in a job description, or in candidate communications. It’s what you say on social media, and what is said about you. And it’s how you communicate with your employees and the behaviours you want to encourage throughout your business.


Based on CIPD best practice and our (many) years of experience, HUME combines internal surveys and focus groups with external benchmarking to give a rounded view of what an employer can offer to their employees, and the competitors they’re up against. It can provide you with:

- EVP performance - evidence of how you’re doing right now

- EVP benchmark - a starting point for repeatedly tracking your EVP

- External comms overview - how the communication of your EVP compares to your key competitors

- Internal comms overview - how effectively you’re communicating internally

- Advice and next steps - actionable insight to move your business forward

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Our Case studies

"Five Guys"

With a huge growth agenda, a transient workforce, pockets of high attrition, and an enormous challenge when it comes to communicating with a hard working family of fanatics, Five Guys asked us to help them get to the bottom of their EVP and develop an employer brand that would bring the ‘Five Guys way’ to life as the business moves forward. The result? The 'Right Stuff'.


When the Bestway group bought the Co-op pharmacy back in 2014, they had a clear vision: To be the preferred local pharmacy in the heart of the communities we serve. And lo and behold, Well was born. Fast forward 18 months, and Well called us in to run HUME and help them get a grasp on their evolving offer.

"Hyde Housing"

Having recently refreshed and relaunched their B2B brand, and sensing their people were starting to feel the strain of another restructure, Hyde brought us on board a few months ago to help get to the heart of their EVP.

"Convergence Group"

Convergence are one of the fastest growing and most exciting connectivity companies in the UK. With further acquisitions on the cards and a brand new people team in place, HUME is helping them develop an employer brand, embed it within the business and build a reputation for the future as the business continues to evolve. We found that at Convergence, success is hardwired.