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5 Things I learned in LOCKDOWN

1) Your Barber really is your best friend when your hair and beard grow as thick and fast (and apparently as grey) as mine do, I've missed being able to get it under control, particularly when I've also spent so much time distracted by it on video calls.

2) When you're working at home, alone and without the immediate technical support of your work mates - simple things can go wrong - like adding an image to a LinkedIn post, but is it really that important? Don't sweat the small stuff!

3) Some things you just can't change. Accepting this has been an important first step. It's helped me look ahead and prioritise what's important. Health, Family and Friends, Team, Clients and Leadership.

I've rediscovered a whole new room in my brain that I'd forgotten even existed. The interesting part where spreadsheets, policy documents and task lists don't live.

A combination of challenge, urgency and purpose has got my imagination totally fired up, and I'm loving the opportunity to get things moving, capitalising on there being a clear, shared sense of purpose for us all right now, and working out how we can adapt and change to support our people and our clients.

4) Commuting is for losers. What a waste of precious life to spend a couple of hours a day sitting in traffic. I miss being with the team like crazy, and I miss being able to catch up face to face with our clients too, so I'm not advocating that we all work from home forever, but seriously, if I can, I'll find a way never to return to the daily grind of the commute.

5) What mum says is always the truth. Mine always says that as long as you have somewhere to live, food and drink and the love of your family and friends, nothing else matters. She usually says it when it's the last thing you want to hear. When what you actually thought you need is to be rich and good looking; but turns out she was right all along.

Hands up if you haven't spent a least a moment of each day since lockdown considering how you're gonna keep a roof over your head, feed yourself and your family and keep yourself and those you love safe?

6) I know I said it was 5 learnings but there's one more to add. And it's important. SLOW DOWN. Life is so much more enjoyable if you don't try and cram it all in at once. Morning coffee in the garden where you can listen to the birds singing and feel the sun on your face is 100% more fulfilling than the one you usually drip all over your clothes as it leaks from your travel mug.

In all things, making time, slowing things down and being in the moment is something I'll hang on to with all I'm worth when this is over.

7) Sod the rules! I said 5 and here I am on number 7. AND I FEEL FINE!

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Keyboard and yellow watch

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