Chatter is 8!

As I sit to write a blog to celebrate our 8th Birthday, I'm listening to the team discuss which breed of dog each would most likely be - it started when Jim (our new BDM) told Robynn (one of our designers) that she looked like a little Cocker Spaniel - delighted by the comparison she considered he was most likely to be a Yorkshire Terrier - and it went on from there with everyone chipping in and the suggestions becoming more and more far fetched. 

In many ways, that snippet of a discussion pretty much sums up the business we've built over the last 8 years. 

It's our culture as a business that continues to drive us on. A place where everyone can be themselves. Where we partner with our clients. Work with them as part of their team, and rely on the relationships we build across our own team and flock to produce things that are truly smart. It makes life at Chatter an everyday mix of challenge, excitement, frustration and laughter. 

Since 2011 there's been an awful lot to laugh about - like the time we walked across an MOD firing range after we got lost on a team away day in North Yorkshire. Or the time that Harry famously lost his coat at Ellen's wedding and threatened to walk into the traffic. There's been quizzing fall outs, too many awards night incidents to mention and more bullshit bingo than you'd ever believe. 

There's been industry firsts like our recruitment chatbot. New products and services like HUME and industry leading thinking around things like social media for recruitment, assessment experience and employee events. 

For my part, I'm really proud of the business we're building. I accept we don't always get things right, but we're honest about the things we do well, take a direct approach to get things done without any nonsense, work hard for our clients and one another and bust the sides out of being sociable. 

There are too many people who've been part of the story to thank individually, but we know that support we've had from our team and fabulous flockers past and present, our friends and families who've been cheerleaders throughout and of course, our amazing clients. Talented, professional and loyal people who've welcomed us into their own teams and given us the opportunity to deliver some exceptional work. 

Happy Birthday Chatter!

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