Meet Harry

It’s time to meet another one of our Chatterinos, and this month we get to find out what Harry gets up to. As a Project Manager, it’s his job to plan and deliver websites and other digital projects for all of our clients, which is pretty much all about making sure things happen when they need to happen. 


If only he had the same kind of power when it comes to Ipswich Town, right?

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Hello typed on typewriter

A message from us to our friends in HR…

We just wanted to let you know - you’re doing an awesome job.

Man Reading Newspaper

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures

These are extraordinary times indeed. And extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. So, has anyone else pushed the button and deployed their work from home strategy yet?

Goal net with view of football pitch
  • Fantasy Football

The Pollard Fantasy League Cup - Week 25

Given my shocking performance last year, I decided to take a break for a year and enjoy Jurgen’s mentality monster Reds steamroll anything that stands in their way.

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