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Meet Jason

Right now, we’re talking all things new, which means it’s the perfect excuse to bring back our Meet the Chatterino feature.

So this month, we’re checking in with Jason Clixby, our Front End Web Developer, and one of the newest-ish members of the team. Jason’s your man if you’re into web dev, gigs, and erm, lamps.

Check out his video…

Just make sure you don’t mention United in the comments, ok.

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Is time-wasting the real “new normal”​ at work?

Last week Chatterino Alex Blow published a really interesting article around how easy it is to sabotage your work/life balance by being unproductive at work...

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The Pollard Fantasy League Cup…is back!

With 100 long days since our last taste of Premier League football, you'd be hard pressed to remember who the top goalscorer is (Jamie Vardy), which side hasn't won since the turn of the year (Brighton); and the equally important question of where we've landed with the Pollard Cup. 

Chatter Pride 2020

This year we’re celebrating Pride in solidarity with our non white and trans communities

June is Pride month - and it’s the time of year when we usually celebrate the forward steps we've taken towards equality and inclusion for LGBTQ+ people, and look at what we can do to advance the cause further.

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