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Meet Jason

Right now, we’re talking all things new, which means it’s the perfect excuse to bring back our Meet the Chatterino feature.

So this month, we’re checking in with Jason Clixby, our Front End Web Developer, and one of the newest-ish members of the team. Jason’s your man if you’re into web dev, gigs, and erm, lamps.

Check out his video…

Just make sure you don’t mention United in the comments, ok.

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Goal net with view of football pitch

The Pollard Fantasy League Cup - Week 25

Given my shocking performance last year, I decided to take a break for a year and enjoy Jurgen’s mentality monster Reds steamroll anything that stands in their way.


Meet Harry

This month we get to find out what Harry gets up to.

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Goodbye to EU

Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Do widzenia, Antio sas, Adios, Vaarwel, Dovizhdane, Ahoj, Farvel, Hüvasti, Hyvästi, Viszontlátásra, Slan, Addio, Ardievas, Atsisveikina, Äddi, Addiju, Tchau, La reverdere, Zbohom, Zbogon, Adjö.

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