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Meet the Chatterinos

Each issue we introduce you to some of the clever people who make our business tick, and this month it’s our very own boomerang, Tom… 

When did you start at Chatter?

So I joined Chatter straight out of Leeds Uni after I finished my degree in Economics and History. I started out when there was only Lisa, Paul, Jon and Harry in a little room on Kirkstall Road. In the time I’ve been here the business has grown so much, with 18 of us now, so it’s been amazing!

After three and a bit years, I decided to head out to New Zealand to travel and work - I just wanted to see the world and try something a bit different. I ended up contracting for an employer branding agency out there, which worked out well! And when I was coming back home, Chatter got in touch and asked if I wanted to come back into a slightly different role.


So you’re a boomerang employee – what are the good things about it?

It meant I was able to rejoin and be up to speed almost straight away. I knew a lot of the clients, the people I was working with, and the way that Chatter worked. But I was also able to bring a new perspective having been away for a year, having seen things done differently. So it worked out really well for me, and from the Chatter’s perspective it worked out pretty well, I think!


Where’s the best place you went on your travels?

Hiking up the Himalayas in Nepal was pretty awesome, as was hanging out the side of a train going through tea plantations in Sri Lanka. But driving around the south island of New Zealand was really the highlight. Skydiving, mountain biking, trail running, kayaking, whale spotting, and wine tasting - what more could you want?! Visiting Lake Wanaka with my dad was pretty special. It's a place that should be on everyone's to do list for sure.


If you could only watch, read and own one thing for the rest of your life, what would they be?

That is tough! Can I go with the Game of Thrones box set (once the final series is released)? Then I’ll have the Lord of the Rings trilogy (the books, of course!). And to own, it’d have to be a pair of trainers. I love my running so would hate to not be able to do that again.

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