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It’s been another busy one here at the Roost, with half of us hoofing it to Ascot, half of us chasing the sun across the globe, and erm, the other half welcoming even more new Chatterinos to the agency. Here’s the full rundown for August…


Hoofing it to Ascot

If you can cast your mind back far enough to December last year, you might just about remember that we got lucky at the Sky Betting & Gaming charity ball, bagging the top prize in the virtual horse race when Kim Jong Run came over the line in first place… No? Not ringing any bells? Nevermind…

Well the big win finally paid off this month, with half of the Chatterinos and some of our ace clients literally hoofing it down to Ascot for an all expenses paid day of luxury with a private box and champagne on tap.

Unfortunately there were no big winners on the races, but some live music from Soul II Soul and Example picked up everyone’s spirits… well, at least until the fabulous Rita Ora came on and the rainclouds appeared, at which point the gang made a dash for some much needed pizza.

And it wouldn't be a day of drinking if Lisa and Paul weren’t the last ones up, and this time was no different… they even managed to crash a wedding and steal a dance with the bride!

Wonder if she still considers it the best day of her life?


Chasing the sun

We’ve been brushing up on our ‘Ciao’, ‘Hola’ and ‘Bonjours’ this month with more than half the agency jetting off for some summer fun across Europe.

Fi and El have been exploring Lake Garda (no not together, but coincidentally almost at the same time!). Lisa’s been sunning herself in Gran Canaria (on what must be holiday 23 of the year? We’ve lost count…). Paul has been living it up in France on a chalet retreat. Sas escaped for a weekend break in Barcelona. And last but not least, Jon’s on his annual pilgrimage to Sitges as we speak.

But that’s not all… Harry escaped European air space altogether to catch some of that famous Californian sun in San Francisco, and make the most of the vino on tap in the Napa Valley.

However, Gee definitely tops the charts, with a whopping 7,786 miles covered for ten nights of R&R in the jungles of Bali!

Ok, ok… you win, Gee. You win.


Meet our latest Chatterino

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it all before right? Believe it or not, we’ve grown again. So, meet James, our new Business Development Manager…

“As the latest addition to Chatter I wanted to share a little bit of background on me and my journey to The Roost. I joined off the back of a 3 and a half year stretch in recruitment and like most people who are in or have been in recruitment, I kind of fell into that role after not really knowing exactly what it was I wanted to do with myself. I spent a year in healthcare recruitment before joining a specialist marketing recruitment agency in Leeds. Before that, marketing was a world pretty unbeknown to me… but I quickly began to find it more and more interesting with every client, vacancy and candidate. I learnt a lot in my 2 and a half years there, both on a commercial level about the general world of work, but also about the ins and outs of marketing life.” 


“The move into my role at Chatter seemed to be the perfect transition for me. It allows me to put into practice a lot of the skills and knowledge I have acquired to date, but also offers me a new challenge and new goals to chase. On top of that I get to be a part of a fantastic agency with a genuinely strong reputation in the Employer Branding industry. I’m excited for what this new challenge will bring and looking forward to speaking with lots of new clients over the coming days weeks, months and beyond!” 

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