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News from the Roost

This month, we've been having a blast at Rec Fest, the Glastonbury of the recruitment industry, we've been had another growth spurt with a new web designer on board, and Sas is planning to have it large in Las Vegas for her 21st. Here's the news from July…


We've embraced festival season

After a few years of watching through green eyes on social, Fi and Paul (and some of our friends from Vanquis, Sita and First Group) finally managed to get down to Rec Fest this year: A unique, forward thinking, festival style recruitment event, with speakers focusing on “what’s next” for the industry. In other words, it’s the Glastonbury of the recruitment industry.

We caught up with Fi to see what her big takeaway was from the event:

“Social content should focus on what the audience actually wants to know, not that stuff that you want to tell them – fight the urge to just broadcast your opinions and your content will be much more relatable and engaging! And don’t be afraid of personalising content either, give people reasons to connect with you and they'll be more engaged with your content.”


We've had another growth spurt

Believe it or not we’ve grown (again!) this month, bringing the total Chatterino count to 18. So, meet the man of the moment, Chris.

After a brief stint as a painter decorator following his Interactive Multimedia course at Huddersfield Uni, he’s just come on board into a new role as our in-house Web Designer. Here’s how he’s found his first week at the mad house…

“There’s a great vibe at the Roost, I’ve felt really welcomed by everyone (even the dogs!) and can’t wait to get stuck in.”

… We can’t wait either, Chris!


We've celebrated a very special birthday 

July has long been known as the month of birthdays here at the Roost, but this year one ruled over them all… Our Sas has hit the ripe old age of 21, and we celebrated the only way we knew how: pink bubbles, big balloons and a giant cookie!

You might be wondering what she’s most looking forward to now she’s officially well into her adult years. Maybe getting her airline pilots licence, or even adopting a child? Nope, in true Chatter style, the thing she is most looking forward to is being able to have it large on the Las Vegas strip – that’s our girl!

Let’s give West Yorkshire’s very own “Cas Vegas” a whirl for starters, Sas…  

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