Goal net with view of football pitch

The Pollard Fantasy League Cup - Week 1

Here we go again.

After what seems like forever, the Chatter 2019-20 Fantasy League Cup 2020 is finally upon us. The contenders this year come from the Chatter HQ itself, as well as our lovely client base and the homes of the Chatterinos. While I personally have no shot at the title already this year with the likes of Tom Padgett RUINING the competition with a 97 start and Sterling as captain, I will persevere.

Anyway, lets start with the ridiculous team names.

My personal favourite this year is Show Me The Mané from Matthew Francis. While almost definitely stolen from Google and discussed at the pub as his own creation, this is possibly the best team name I have ever seen. And as a copywriter who has just started watching football, has no knowledge of the game and has just started playing fantasy league, I know a great team name when I see one.

The worst team name on the list, without question, is Padgett XI. First of all, I promise that I’m not just saying this because he’s destroying us all. Perhaps a great knowledge of football accompanies a lack of imagination. Who could say? To be honest, my name is also completely terrible. So maybe… just maybe… I’m bitter and jealous of Tom’s fantastic start to the season. Actually Tom… just give me some tips mate.

I’ll pay.

Soooooo then. Aside from these CHEATING INSIDER KNOWLEDGE Chatter family contenders, who do we have sitting pretty in the Chatter HQ gang? Well, unbelievably, it’s actually Robynn our resident designer with a strong 73 start. She has opted for Aubemeyang and Wilson up front and told me earlier she’s going to triple captain Giroud this week, which is probably a good move. A move I might steal immediately.

Salah is another popular pick this year and Robynn did well by choosing him as captain for last weeks match. People have also heavily favoured Liverpool defenders in our cup – especially Alexander-Arnold.

So the cup is definitely heating up. Let’s see how the front-runners get on in week 2. I’m assuming well again to be honest. But I’ll be watching from mid-table waiting for my time to strike.

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Goal net with view of football pitch

The Pollard Fantasy League Cup…is back!

With 100 long days since our last taste of Premier League football, you'd be hard pressed to remember who the top goalscorer is (Jamie Vardy), which side hasn't won since the turn of the year (Brighton); and the equally important question of where we've landed with the Pollard Cup. 

Chatter Pride 2020

This year we’re celebrating Pride in solidarity with our non white and trans communities

June is Pride month - and it’s the time of year when we usually celebrate the forward steps we've taken towards equality and inclusion for LGBTQ+ people, and look at what we can do to advance the cause further.

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