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The Pollard Fantasy League Cup - Week 4

Just over here topping the scoreboards for this week… don’t mind me!

So then, after 4 action-packed premier league weekends which saw Liverpool and Man City dominate, the 2019 Chatter (POLLARD) Fantasy League Cup 2019 could be anyone’s for the taking! As it stands, yours truly is sitting pretty in a comfortable 4th position with the cunning Robynn (chatter designer) nipping at my heels and looking for her time to strike.

A time to strike which will, unfortunately for her, never come. 

And what of our Chatter Family contenders then? Well, after a fantastic start to cup, Tom Padgett has now dropped down to a joint second place position alongside Richard Williams’ Sexdrugscarltoncole. 

Great name. 

Tom Pollard, our resident insight and planning manager (until his recent departure), has taken his stand in a solid 10th position and hasn’t shifted for the past few weeks. As you might have noticed, the cup is actually named after Tom and it was hid idea in the first place. Have a great time in your new job mate – you’ll be missed!

Absolutely no chance in the cup like. 

WHAT ABOUT THE FOOTBALL? Well I’m actually really getting into watching the premier league. Man City had an absolutely cracking game against Brighton with Aguero putting a boomer into the top right bin. De Bruyne also slotted one in from Silva’s perfectly timed cross. De Bruyne is a fantastic player to watch and I’m definitely gonna buy him soon.

Right then, back to work for me. You all have a fantastic week and enjoy this weekends games!

Dan Out. 

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Close up of football pitch

The Pollard Fantasy League Cup - Week 12

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Goal net with view of football pitch
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The Pollard Fantasy League Cup - Week 9

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