My name is Kaitlin I am in my final year in Year 11 at Outwood Grange Academy. I was able to get a great opportunity to spend a week with the team at Chatter to gain some experience. After worrying about what I wanted to do when I was older I thought it would give me an idea of what career I wanted to do. The first day I started I was so scared and nervous about coming but once I met the team I was put at ease. By spending just 5 days at Chatter I have learned so much about the company and who they work with.

HSS meeting

I was really lucky to get invited to go to HSS with Tom, Lisa and Lucy. It was very interesting for me to sit in and listen to about how HSS can improve their recruitment processes. There were times when I wasn’t even sure what was being talked about but it was great to be able to listen to conversations and learn from them. To be very honest with you I was really interested with the first bit of the meeting about social media, but towards the end of the meeting I drifted off. Which was 6 HOURS LONG!!

The office

The office is not what I expected it to be - a normal office is boring and silent. But this office wasn’t - they had a good taste of music playing out and it was so relaxed. Everyone is always friendly, joyful and always making me laughs even though I was tired.


Tom looked after me when I was at Chatter always giving me jobs to do so I wasn’t bored. Also he gives good advice when you need help with something.


Harry is really funny and always manages to make me laugh.


Saskia is really friendly and is always smiling.


Lisa is also funny. I already knew Lisa (we'd accidently been on holiday together!) so I was less worried when she walked in because I was able to talk to her.

The other members of the team are really lovely and welcoming and was there for me if I needed them.

I've had a great week and learnt a lot from the team at Chatter. I'm leaving more confident than I was before.