We’ve been mega busy this February...

Winning tons of new business, meeting loads of new clients, and even holding a successful team meeting that typically finished up in the pub. On top of that, Lisa’s been sunning it up in Tenerife, Paul broke his leg, and we’ve had a healthy trickle of clients popping in to the office for a chat. Oh, and there was all this, too:

We’re getting tooled up

Here at the Roost, we don't spend all of our time delivering great work against great client briefs. Ok, ok, we do. But what you might not know is that we also develop our own in-house tools too - and we think it's about time we told you about HUME, our brilliant new employer brand audit tool.

Led by our branding consultant Sara, HUME combines our experience of shaping award winning EVP/Employer Brand projects with best practice advice from the CIPD. It can give your employer brand a thorough healthcheck, help you focus on your priorities going forward, and provide valuable insight into how your offer stacks up against your competitors. Using robust scientific methodologies to test the 3 rational and 3 emotional dimensions that we believe make up any EVP, it's a quick, simple and cost-effective way to figure out your next steps when it comes to your employer brand.

Right now, we're completing a testing phase which includes a live test with a large pharmaceutical retailer. The results are very exciting and we're looking forward to opening HUME up to lots more of our clients. Want to find out more? Just drop us a line...

You’re hired!

It’s official. Saskia recently finished her QA Apprenticeship Digital Marketing course with flying colours, and is now a fully fledged Marketing Executive! She said “Dean and the QA tutors were really experienced and enthusiastic about digital marketing, and it was a great stepping stone into the industry. I really value the apprenticeship because it brought me to Chatter!”

Dean added “I was delighted this month to be able to confirm the completion of Saskia’s Apprenticeship… she’s now a qualified Digital Marketer with a City & Guilds Level 3 qualification. Saskia has worked exceptionally hard over the last 12 months to make a success of not only her qualification but to become a valuable part of the Chatter team. I am very proud of Saskia and I will miss her, her coffee and Chatter’s Tunnocks tea cakes! Thank you for always smiling!”

Roses are red…

Roses are red/Violets are blue/That doesn’t make sense/Surely they’re violet? Erm, anyhoo, it might be chilly outside, but things have been really hotting up indoors this month... Fi and Harry dined in for 2 for £20, Rusty whisked his missus off to Harrogate, and Charlotte got a special delivery. Blimey, it all happens here when love is in the air!