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As a business, Morrisons are incredible at lots and lots of things. Including bringing positive change to an entire industry.

For example, over the last 12 months or so, they’ve been working hard to move all of their ‘weekly paid’ recruitment from a face to face process to an online one. We’re talking hundreds of people – in stores, in factories, in logistics warehouses, and in lots of other places across the business.

Part of this new application process involves uploading a CV… but that wasn’t quite as straightforward as it sounds.

Many of the candidates who apply for this kind of role have never needed a CV before. Many more don’t even have English as a first language.

However, one thing we’re all adept at these days is chatting online.


Our brief was to find a way to make life a little bit easier for people applying to these roles. We wanted to make sure no-one was excluded from the recruitment process. And we wanted to reflect Morrisons’ commitment to social mobility, and to giving people the tools they need to move upwards or even sideways within the business if the right opportunity popped up.

And whatever we did had to be simple to understand, too.

So armed with the challenge of making the process of creating a basic CV as easy as possible, we set out to find an answer.

That answer was the Morrisons CV Bot. 

The Bot allows candidates to build a build a CV by doing nothing more than having an online conversation directly on the Morrisons website. It’s built on top of the Facebook Messenger platform, so if candidates already have a Facebook account they can dive straight in to a fully interactive chat session. If not, signing up is easy, too.

The way the Bot works is simple. It leads candidates through a few straightforward questions, and it uses the answers they give to build and format a PDF CV which can be downloaded immediately.

If candidates don’t have a Facebook account, they can also complete the same task via a simple web form, too. No-one is left out.

We made sure that downloaded CVs are deliberately kept plain and unbranded, which means candidates can also use them to apply for roles at other businesses – not just Morrisons. And, with GDPR concerns in mind, we also made sure that all of their personal data is deleted within 24 hours.


Since we launched the CV Bot, over 4500 candidates have used it. And a little over half of them have fully completed and downloaded their CV, which far exceeded our expected engagement rate.

But what’s really surprised us is the amount of positive feedback we’ve seen, which has created a huge buzz across Morrisons’ social channels.

And if there’s anything else it’s taught us, it’s that chatting online can be productive after all.

You can try out both versions of the CV Builder at:

CV Mockup