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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy - O2

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O2 is the UK’s 2nd largest telecoms provider with over 252 stores and 20,000 employees.O2 has strong consumer social media channels. But their Twitter and Facebook recruitment feeds were underutilised and missed opportunities.

They lacked themes, consistency and planning. Engagement and conversion were low. Yet research showed that their tech savvy target audience used social media first when researching companies for jobs and wanted to know more about the O2 story, culture and benefits.

Starting with a blank canvas, we aimed to work with the O2 team to create a yearlong social media strategy that would grow their number of followers and increase engagement, conversions, applications and bums on seats.


We created a 4-month strategy that would run from December to March with all kinds of planned content to tell the O2 story. We aimed to measure and review everything to see what worked, so we could adapt, flex and use our learning to develop content and a long-term strategy that would really hit home over the next 8 months.

With a strategy in place the O2 recruitment team did a fantastic job of gathering content and educating and engaging with teams across the business, championing the important role social media plays in recruitment. They found that lots of great content was already being created internally. They inspired people to let them know about it and together we tweaked it so it could be pushed out to the world.

Our content included videos, promo banners, sponsored content, Twitter Q&As, key facts, myth busters and blogs from everyone from Gurus to senior leaders. 

  • December - Recruitment for their new concept ‘Stores of the Future’
  • January - Raise awareness of what Gurus do in store
  • February - A look behind the scenes at O2
  • March - Mental health awareness

As O2 is also a big promoter of social mobility and diversity, these themes flowed across all of the months and were front and centre when we created new content. We constantly looked at the analytics and dialled things up and down accordingly. More blogs. Less Twitter chats. ‘Guru of the Week’ became a regular feature. We’ve had some big hits. And this has given us the freedom to try new things – so watch this space!

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Social Media Campaign - Instagram


Our biggest success has been culturally. Everything was haphazard, but planned social media is now seen as Business As Usual. Content is eagerly supplied without having to be hunted down. 

We’ve also had some great results since the start of the campaign:

  • 101% increase in tweet impressions
  • 21% increase in Facebook followers
  • 7% increase in Twitter followers
  • 6% jump in the number of female gurus
  • A big jump in the quality and quantity of traffic from Facebook (the number of applicants grew from 3.64% in October to 15.23% in February).
Team Meeting & Planning

Social media workshop with O2 in Birmingham.