EVP Healthcheck

Our Covid-19 EVP Healthcheck is based on HUME, our unique EVP and employer brand modelling tool.

The Covid-19 pandemic has rocked the people and talent sector. It has fundamentally changed the way we think about work - and in many cases, it has actually changed the way we work, too.

With such a seismic shift in people’s lives, it makes sense to check that your talent offer or EVP is still relevant, and still effective.

So, we’ve designed a comprehensive Covid-19 EVP Healthcheck based on HUME, our unique EVP and employer brand modelling tool. It takes a deep dive into your current offer by:

  • Evaluating existing data - such as employee opinion surveys and exit interview data
  • Generating new insights - gathered via telephone interviews and surveys
  • Understanding your leadership voice - via interviews with senior leaders
  • Carrying out external benchmarking - including reviewing competitor sites and recruitment campaigns

Ultimately, our EVP Healthcheck can build a detailed picture of your current offer and how effective it is in today’s unprecedented environment, and we can identify the most effective ways of communicating that offer within the constraints of the new normal. 

And if you’d like to know more about HUME and what it can do for your business, contact us