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Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

We all know that it’s never been more important to build and sustain a diverse and inclusive workforce. However, getting it right is becoming more and more urgent every day.

The McKinsey “Diversity Matters” Reports show that organisations that include women and ethnic minorities within their leadership team are more successful and more profitable than their counterparts. 

But that’s really just the beginning.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has also opened the world’s eyes to the ongoing issues of systemic racism, and create a renewed focus on the importance of ethnic diversity.

The drastic changes that most parents have faced in their work lives and other responsibilities due to Covid-19 have triggered deep conversations around inclusion in the workplace and increased gender imbalance. And, we’re also only just beginning to understand the potential effects of disrupted schooling on our children’s future social mobility, too.

Plus, there’s still a huge amount of prejudice and ignorance facing the LGBTQ+ community, which recently surfaced during the JK Rowling/Daniel Radcliffe/Twitter row.

Once you build up a complete picture of the kind of diversity and inclusion issues faced by workplaces, the urgency - and the reasons to tackle it - couldn’t be clearer.

We’ve already supported a huge number of organisations such as ITV, O2 and Sky Betting & Gaming with their diversity and inclusivity agendas, and we’ve developed a proven methodology around the development and implementation of a robust D&I strategy.

It begins with with a benchmarking process that builds an understanding of your organisation’s current position and helps identify potential challenges, opportunities and business objectives. And the result is a 5 step action plan that we’ll support you to put in place across your business.

With all of these growing issues on top of the current economic uncertainty, now is the right time to make sure that every workplace and every career opportunity is fair - and equal.