Workplace Comms

Getting your environment ready for employees

Now that businesses are re-opening and people are returning to their workplaces, it’s important to reinforce the messages and guidance around Covid-19 social distancing, cleanliness, use of equipment, and everything else that comes with a global pandemic.

You might need to tell your people that you’ve changed the way you clean your offices. There may be new ground rules that everyone needs to follow while on site. You may have made some physical changes around your buildings, or introduced new technology to help people work more effectively. Or, you might just need to remind everyone to stay 2m apart at all times.

Whatever new processes you’ve introduced, we can work with you to create posters, desk cards, floor stickers, wall graphics, and virtually any other type of comms in line with your values and your employer brand.

The changes you put in place might be minor… or they might be big and potentially unsettling. 

But we’ll help you communicate your new normal in a friendly and engaging way that makes sure everyone stays informed, understands what’s expected of them, and has all the information they need to stay safe and well.