We established ThinkTanc early in April 2020 as the extent of the Covid-19 crisis became apparent.

It’s a ‘live lab’ and on-line community where our clients and other industry professionals can share their experiences and the lessons they learn as the pandemic unfolds.

Right now, you’ll find a range of brands playing an active role, including O2, Morrisons, Asda, FIVEGUYS, JP Morgan, Barclays, McLaren and more.

Above all, ThinkTanc - along with our regular pulse surveys - has been the centre point of a wide programme of research and insight that will track the roles that organisational culture and employee engagement play in how resilient businesses are to the impact of Covid-19. 


We’ve also established a range of monitoring tools that will track how brand sentiment shifts throughout the next 12 months, and whether there’s a link between the way those brands are perceived and the way they manage their people. 

Finally, ThinkTanc has also inspired a wide range of quantitative and qualitative surveys and interviews, together with in-depth desk-based research. Ultimately, we want to capture everything we’ve learned as a result of the pandemic and identify the positive changes we can help you make for your own business as we adjust to our collective new sense of normal. 


The bottom line is that it’s helping us all author a brand new Employee Culture and Engagement playbook. And it’s one you’ll want to be part of.

As ThinkTanc is all about keeping things “in the moment”, we're publishing our insights as we go and so far the reports include:

  • Pulse Survey #1 - How the HR community rallied to adapt to lockdown overnight.
  • Pulse Survey #2 - It's all about Furlough.
  • Pulse Survey #3 - The future of Work.
  • Furlough - How was it for you?
  • Loving Lockdown - or Ready for the Return?
  • The Interim Report.

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