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Combatting social exclusion, one question at a time

When it comes to getting a job, it’s not necessarily a level playing field, depending on your upbringing. Which is why, when Morrisons asked us if there was anything we could do to help combat social exclusion for their candidates, we put our thinking caps on. 

  • Not everyone has a computer, they’re more likely to have a phone. 
  • Nor does everyone have access to Microsoft Word. 
  • And not everyone will have had the chance to write a CV before when applying for their first role. 

Which is why we created a chatbot. One that can guide you through creating a CV right on a website, is fully mobile-friendly (and supports voice dictation), and can ask guided questions to create a downloadable CV that you can save to use in job applications. 

And we're proud to say it's gone on to win a number of awards: The Firm's Innovation of the year 2018, and iHr's recruitment innovation of 2020.

How it works

We can add the chatbot to any website (provided you have the ability to add javascript code on the website). 

It’s a bespoke solution, so we can style the chatbot and the resulting CV in line with your brand, and customise all the questions for building the CV to your own requirements. 

The chatbot appears as a little icon in the bottom corner of the web browser, with a temporary prompt to explain what it is.

Clicking on the icon will open the chat window and start the conversation.

Chatbot screenshot - the icon to launch the app

Our standard functionality is that we can create a CV, or help an applicant search for a job (we’ll integrate with your ATS for that). 

As this is a bespoke chatbot, we can optionally add other conversations, such as answering common questions.

Chatbot screenshot - route selection between job search and CV building

The CV conversation asks a number of questions:

  • Collecting contact details (name, email address, telephone number, address)

  • Collecting educational history (for each one, course, qualification type (eg GCSE, A-Level, Degree), grade, year)

  • Collecting employment history (employer, job title, description of duties, start/end date (or current role))

  • If this is a first job, we ask for any applicable skills/work experience.

  • And finally what are your interests/what do you want out of a career.

Chatbot screenshot - completing employment history

Once we’ve collected all the information, we’ll generate a CV you can download in both PDF and DOCX formats, that you can then use to apply for a role. 

Here's one we prepared earlier:

CV in .PDF format

CV in Word .DOCX format

Privacy / GDPR

As we are requesting personal information, we take privacy very seriously.

  • The collected data and generated CV documents are stored for a maximum of 24 hours before being automatically deleted.

  • Personal data that is stored temporarily in the course of working through the CV building questions is encrypted within the database.

Want to find out more?

We've got the chatbot on a number of sites, but a good example is on

We'd love to have a chat about it - it's a fully bespoke solution so we can tailor it to your needs, and include extra functionality such as job search and answering common recruitment questions.

Get in touch

We believe that all people have talent. And we think that every business and organisation can do amazing things when they engage with that talent in the right way. So, if you’d like to talk about what we can do for you, your business, and your talent, we’d love a chat. And if you’d like to stay up to date with what we think, create and do then sign up for our newsletter, too.

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