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Easy, accessible handbooks wherever your employees need them

Struggling to get important updates through to a scattered workforce?

There’s lots of reasons it may be the case. Maybe your branch and retail staff don't have work email addresses or access to a work computer, or maybe your people are just forgetting where to go for the information.

The amount of people working from home has nearly quadrupled. Jumping from 20% of employees in 2019 to almost 73% – nearly 3/4s!

So since the trend in the UK workplace is going mobile, the way we’re communicating to our workforces has to be, too. That means comms that are flexible, digitally seamless, and mobile-first. 

How it works

It’s a user-friendly Digital Handbook built on our own bespoke platform, designed to work great on mobile phones and computers alike. Your people can access it as a website, but also install it like an app on their phone if that works better for them -- not just for ease of access, but so that your content is available everywhere. Yes, even when you’re in the depths of a basement – without a wifi or mobile signal! 

It’s perfect for an employee handbook, so your staff have access to key info about your business and how you work. Or as an onboarding handbook to get your new starters up to speed with your company and culture,

But ultimately, it could be used for any purpose you need! Helping you make any content easily available to your employees. 

Good to know

Want different information for different employees, say if they’re in retail or head office? You can easily customise what information is available to your people in the handbook. That saves them from having to sift through stuff that’s not relevant to them. 

Of course, there’s also a simple auto-complete keyword search feature to help people quickly get to the information they need fast.

There’s also a full user-friendly content-management-system behind it. That means your HR team can regularly update or change the information available in the handbook, which supports adding text, images, and video.

And as it’s a bespoke solution, we can change the look and feel to better match your brand (or if you want something more fun, we could go wild with creative!). 
We can also implement additional functionality – such as forms to collect information from new hires as part of on-boarding.

In terms of content, in theory, anything that goes on the website can be added to the app version!

And when it comes to restricting access to the website/app, we can work with whatever requirements you have – be it integrating with a corporate Single Sign-On platform, a simple shared password handed out to all your staff, or no authentication at all.

We have a simple demo handbook that you're welcome to try - bear in mind we can completely customise the look and feel (and the content) to your requirements. 

You'll see that by choosing a business area in the menu, the available pages change, and also parts of the "Getting Started" and "What does it include?" page content also reflects your chosen business area.

View the demo handbook

( the password is 'chatterdemo' )

Product screenshot - Digital Handbook (desktop view)

And if you view the demo on a mobile phone, tap on the menu icon top left (3 horizontal lines) and you'll be asked if you'd like to install it as an app on your phone - if you agree it will then appear as an icon in your phone's apps list.

Product Screenshot - Digital Handbook (mobile view)

Questions, or want to find out more?

We’d love to take you on a personalised tour, talk about the art of the possible, and how some of our clients have used it so far 

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Get in touch

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