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What message is your recruitment process sending out and do your employees understand your employer brand?

A tool that’ll help your company Forge ahead with your brand

Spending all that money on one of our award-winning and eye-catching employer brands, only for watered-down versions to hit the screens when it’s out your hands?

We see it all the time. 

Things like:

  • Off-brand job vacancy posters, courtesy of microsoft word, popping in retail stores

  • Distorted or off-brand photos making an appearance

  • Spelling mistakes and wrong typefaces 

  • Messaging that’s off-brand and unengaging

  • Even using the wrong logo!

As creatives and employer brand experts, It breaks our hearts.

No-one wants to do a bad job – it’s just scattered colleagues and teams who need custom content often just don’t have the right tools to knock it out the park. Or even enough time. 

And since they usually can’t justify the cost of a professionally designed poster, they try their best with the resources, time and knowledge they have available.


But now, they don’t have to. 

Because we created a tool that’ll whip up stunning content bespoke to your brand – and anyone can use it. 

We can empower people to do better. 

Forge is a secure, cloud-based tool, created by us, that anyone (that you want!) across your business can use – easily and quickly. Here’s how we do it…

  1. We kick off by catching up with you on what content you’re looking to help your people create. Posters, pamphlets, social media images that’ll all have customisation options – we can practically create anything that can be sent to a printer or downloaded as an image.

  2. After that, we’ll create great-looking designs that properly showcase your brand (logos, imagery, tone-of-voice, typefaces, styling). Designs that only allow the text (or images) in key parts of it to be editable by a colleague.

  3. Your colleagues can then simply head to the Forge app, pick a design/use-case, and switch up the content in the editable parts. Forge will then work its magic to merge that edited content into the design, before downloading either a print-ready PDF doc that can be sent to a professional printer (or your own office printer), or a digital image for social media.

What comes out?

Consistent, professional results that really showcase your employer brand.

What do I get?

  • A fully branded, centralised, secure online portal.

  • A short video tutorial when users log in to see how to use it.

  • A list of designs/use-cases the user can pick from – we can also upload non-editable designs that users can simply download if you want to keep all your assets in one place too.

  • Up to 350 print downloads a month (this can be increased) and unlimited* social images.

The simple and user-friendly administration system allows people to pick a 'template', see an example of what it could look like, and then modify the parts you wish to allow. 

Here's a couple of examples that we've generated with the tool:

Example print poster

Example social media post image

Product Screenshot - Forge (admin screen)

Good to know

How does it go to print?

Print-ready output can be with and without crop-marks, depending on whether you’re printing it yourself on an office printer or sending to a professional print house. If you have an in-house reprographics department or preferred print-house, we can display guidelines when a user downloads the artwork that’ll tell them how to get the item printed. 

Alternatively, we may be able to automatically send work to the print house directly (at additional cost).

What’s editable?

We’ll use your brand guidelines to create stylish design templates, using corporate typefaces, logos and imagery. And not all of the copy has to be editable – we can lock any bits of it down to keep that tone-of-voice on brand. 

Basically, whatever elements of the design you want to allow the user to amend, we can make happen. Such as…

  • The address of an office/retail store 

  • The name of the hiring manager

  • Name of job titles you’re hiring

  • The web address to find more information (we can also generate a QR code for web addresses automatically)

We can also allow users to change key images in the design (either from a pre-approved set of images, or if you’re very trusting the ability for the user to upload their own image).

Can I give different colleagues access to different templates?

Yes you can! We can provide different logins for people in different areas of the business, so they just have the templates they’re likely to need to hand to avoid confusion.

If it’s helpful, we may also be able to integrate with your organisations’ single-sign-on portal to save users having to remember different login details (additional cost may be required for this). 


I need to be able to do things a little differently...

This is a bespoke application we’ve created. If it doesn’t do something that you’d like – let’s have a chat! We can theoretically customise it to do what you need (there may be development costs, obviously).

Can I tell if it's being used?

We can provide reports on usage, and we’ll happily include a feedback form in the app so your users can provide feedback to help drive the development of other useful templates.

Not just for recruitment campaigns

The print/digital artwork that Forge can create isn’t just limited to HR purposes – it can be used for anything that needs on-brand print/digital images!

Ready to take a look?

We’d love to take you on a personalised tour, talk about the art of the possible, and how some of our clients have used it so far – just get in touch!


Get in touch

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