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Did you know that…

  • In the UK, the average reading age is just 9 years old? 
  • Lots of people struggle to fully understand long sentences?
  • 8% of the population don't have English as their first language, for which flowery language is harder to understand?
  • Masculine biased copy often gets a poorer response from female audiences?

Our Award-winning* Readability tool helps to make sure that your job ads and careers website copy speaks to your audience on exactly the right level - and one they can understand.

* = Recruitment Marketing Awards' Technology Innovation of the Year 2022

Right copy, right audience

The recruitment and talent market is a busy place. Users see tonnes of pieces of content across social and other channels before they even decide to engage with an employer.
If you’re responsible for creating recruitment, talent or candidate focused content it’s important to make sure it talks to the right audience. And that it works as hard as possible to persuade that audience to act, too. That means thinking about:

  • Reading age
  • Gender bias
  • Sentence length
  • Passive voice

All of which are huge factors in helping someone decide whether to click that ‘Apply Now’ button, or not.

How our tool helps

  • Our readability tools analyse content to determine “reading age” and highlights gender biased and passive words, all to help you check that your copy is tailored to the right audience. 
  • Our tools suggest improvements for when copy doesn’t quite hit the mark.
  • Based on academic research and algorithms for reading age and 'gendered' words.
  • We can put this technology to work across sites built by Chatter to highlight when CMS users are adding content too.
  • We can automatically crawl/spider newly published job listings on a careers website to alert you when a job doesn’t meet requirements (reading age, gendered word counts, passive voice, sentence length or even other metrics if needed).
  • We can crawl/spider whole websites.
  • We can provide a dashboard for you to have ‘real time’ access to the analysis, or a regular report to highlight any issues. 

Best of all, the basic tool for scanning the occasional job description is free!

Just visit the tool, and paste in the web address of a job description, and we'll email you a report on our findings, along with advice on how you could improve things.

Try it out


Premium options

While Ad-hoc scans are free, we have a number of optional premium services, including:

  • A Login system to avoid having to check your email for the report, and priority scanning for instant results.
  • Bulk-scanning of many jobs at once, with results exported as a spreadsheet.
  • We can take your ATS job feed and scan new job descriptions as they appear - with the option of either an admin console to review them, or email reports. We can also set up email alerts to notify you if a job doesnt pass certain thresholds.
  • For our own clients, a CMS plugin to automatically scan and highlight issues with content added within the CMS admin system as-you-type.

More information

If you've any questions or would like further information, please get in touch!

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