Life after Covid

We can help you prepare for the new normal

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic has touched almost every country in the world, we’ve all had to face up to the kind of challenges that none of us could have prepared for. And whilst we’re past that initial uncertainty, there’s a real sense that even more, and maybe even bigger, challenges are just around the corner.

As one of the UK’s leading employer brand agencies, we’ve been working hard to understand how recent events have impacted workplace culture - and how we can begin to meet those challenges. 

We’ve set up live lab research forums and monitoring channels to assess how things have changed in the relationship between employers and employees. And with support from the HR community, we’re helping to author a new playbook on workplace culture and engagement.

It’s about supporting businesses to adjust. It’s about helping organisations navigate change as we start to emerge from lockdown.

It’s about preparing for the new normal - whatever that is.


ThinkTanc is a ‘live lab’ and on-line community that we established early in April 2020 to help us all author a brand new Employee Culture and Engagement playbook.

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We’ve responded rapidly to the Covid-19 pandemic with a wide range of services to help you and your people deal with whatever challenges come your way.

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About Us

At Chatter, we’re here to help businesses improve the way they attract, recruit and engage with their talent. But that’s just the beginning of our story…

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