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Right now, many businesses are looking for the best way forward through the Covid-19 pandemic.

In some cases this involves significant changes and restructuring initiatives that mean some people may need to leave the business.

Or, it might have involved recruiting people into short term roles to help ramp up and deliver essential service during the pandemic itself.

Either way, offboarding will play a huge role in HR workloads in the coming weeks and months. 

Here at Chatter, we’ve been helping HR teams offboard people in positive and rewarding ways for years, and our expertise can make a huge difference to any Covid-19 offboarding experience.


We recently worked with a large client who were in the process of acquiring a competitor business, and this meant that people who were either leaving as a result had significant concerns about how they would be affected. 

Our role was to help the business communicate what was happening as effectively as possible, in an environment where things changed incredibly quickly. And our solution was an innovative online Transition Hub, which could be updated and extended easily, which was able to handle confidential and sensitive information, and which was clean, fresh and easy to navigate.

The Hub effectively levelled the playing field for everyone. It gave each person a fair chance to find a new role that was right for them. It made sure they were all treated with respect. And it ensured that two-way communication was a priority every step of the way, with clear milestone tracking, route planners for travel, opinion polls to snapshot current moods across the business, and integrated redeployment feeds from the ATS.

With each user visiting the site at least 4 times, it quickly became a resource that was truly valued by everyone.

Ultimately, offboarding is about showing people that they are still valued, supporting them to find new employment, and giving them a memorable send-off that says ‘thank you’ for being part of the business.

With that in mind, we’re able to help you deliver internal careers fairs (even delivered digitally) to help those leaving find new work. We can advise you on setting up additional training courses to help those people build new skills. And we can create end-to-end alumni programmes that maintain positive and lasting relationships, and which could even help you fill your own roles in the future.

It might be an end. But it’s also just the beginning…

Losing talented people because of Covid-19? Show them you still have their backs with a Talent Directory microsite.

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As people leave your business due to COVID-19 or otherwise, it’s important to understand what they’ll take with them. What were their highs and lows? What would they have improved? What did they feel you could have done more of? Or done less of? Or even done differently?

But building that insight via exit interviews isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Often, people don’t feel comfortable having a warts and all conversation with their line manager, or someone from an in-house HR team. And that’s where we can help. 

We can be a 3rd party ear for them to open up to. And, if you also choose to keep all conversations anonymous, the chances are they’ll open up even further than you expect.

We usually run exit interviews over the phone or via video conference. We can work with you to shape the questions so that you get the most value from each conversation. And we’ll collate and analyse the insights we gain so that we can provide you with key themes and recommendations for potential actions or outputs. And, of course, we’ll supply full transcripts and narratives, too.

Depending on the how many exit interviews you need, we can work on a monthly retainer for ongoing support or a project fee for a short term requirement.

But either way, our focus will be on helping you improve employee experiences in the future and the way your people engage with your employer brand - during COVID-19 and beyond.