Talent Directory

Losing talented people because of Covid-19? Show them you still have their backs with a Talent Directory microsite.

It’s never easy to let talented people go. And it’s even tougher when it happens because of something that’s out of your control. That’s why, if your business is losing talent because of the Covid-19 pandemic or business transformation, it’s important to make sure your offboarding process delivers a positive experience - especially if you think you might need to rehire those people in the future.

A Talent Directory microsite can help you do just that. 

Bespoke team advocacy for in-demand skills

The Covid-19 pandemic has left many businesses in a position where they need to offboard entire teams who may have highly specialised skills that are in demand in other sectors.

Our Talent Directory microsite offers a bespoke solution for both individual people and entire teams. It not only creates an incredibly positive experience for those people who are leaving, but it can also help them quickly find new roles with other employers.

And, because it demonstrates that you care about your people and their future, it can help lay strong foundations for potentially rebuilding your relationship with them in a post-Covid future.

How Talent Directory microsites work

Delivered fully online, each Talent Directory microsite creates a detailed profile of individual talent, or entire teams of talent, and showcases their skills, experiences and backgrounds. And it can then be used to ‘market’ those people to potential future employers - with the full backing, support and endorsement of your business behind them.

It’ll list the following details for employees:

  • Name
  • Position/Previous Job Title
  • Location (and whether they’re open to remote working or relocation)
  • Social media and LinkedIn profile links (if desired)
  • Downloadable CV
  • A short introduction about the employee

We can also work with you to develop further features such as:

  • Keyword search for filtering by job title, skillset and location
  • The ability for users to favourite people and to print off their profile and CV
  • The ability for people to update their own profiles
  • Ability for employees to add themselves

It’s an effective way of saying ‘thank you’ to those who are leaving. It’s a great way to demonstrate that you really value the contributions they’ve made to your business. And it’s a powerful tool to help them find a new role where they can continue to make the most of their skills and experience.

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