The New Normal

What does life look like for you and your people after Covid-19?

In the short term at least, the new normal looks very different to the old one. The way you travel, work, interact, brainstorm, meet, socialise and more has changed. And who knows for how long.

While it’s one thing creating the rules and guidance about what everyone should and shouldn’t do at work, communicating them consistently and effectively to everyone in the business is a much bigger challenge. And that’s exactly why we developed TheNewNormal.

Keeping employees in the loop

It’s a full featured portal that can help you make sure your people are in the know when it comes to changes to the way you do things. It could include detail around specific changes, reminders of available Health and Wellbeing services, information on new opening times, guidance on moving around your offices and buildings, and much more. And with everything in one easily accessible place, you’ll save a lot of time while making sure your people have everything they need to stay safe.