Direct sourcing

Put simply, an effective direct sourcing strategy can save your business millions. It sounds like sorcery, but we’ve seen it happen. Actually, we’ve made it happen.

Where can these savings come from? Direct sourcing transfigures the quality of applications - we’ve seen ‘did not attend’ rates at assessments drop by half and pass rates double. It disapparates employee turnover. And as a knock on, it can magic a new perception of your brand, and give you a solid base to expand from.

But what alchemy can create all this? Take a spoonful of employer brand development. Add a splash of recruitment processes designed especially for you - whether that’s video interviews, new online tests, redesigned assessment centers, or a tailored ATS and application route. Finish it all off with a team of in-house recruiting wizards (plus a sprig of wolfsbane, just for luck) and you’ve got the potion for a great direct sourcing model.


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