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Employee engagement

Your people should be your greatest asset. When fully engaged, they will make a greater contribution and feel more positive about your organisation. They will also champion your employer brand, make more meaningful connections with colleagues and go the extra mile to drive your success. So, it’s surprising to discover that only 30% of UK employees feel engaged with their employer and the work they do. 

There’s more to engaging with your people than internal communications (although we’re great at that too). You need to establish an emotional contract, so your people always want to do their best for you. How do your people, customers and competitors really feel about you? We can carry out research to find the answers, identify challenges and uncover opportunities. We can also work with you to develop a clear and simple story about your strategy, vision and values, so your people know where your organisation is going and what they can do to help you get there.

Internal communications

Get this right and it will go a long way to keeping your team engaged. So, tap into our expertise whether you want to clearly communicate a new initiative or develop interesting and informative communications that bring your vision and values to life. We can help you to achieve your goals from defining your strategy and KPIs to developing a plan and providing traditional and cutting edge 
communications tools. Here are just some of the communications channels we can develop for you:

Employee portals

Many organisations have fantastic stories to tell their people, great packages of rewards and benefits but nobody knows about them. Information about them is hidden away in the depths of the corporate intranet or mentioned in passing in the company newsletter.

We’ve got extensive experience of bringing all that information together in one place, making it simple for your people to see at a glance what’s on offer, provide feedback and recognition or keep tabs on the great things going on around the business. We can develop creative and interactive portals that integrate with existing supplier systems for benefits, reward statements, health and wellbeing advice or learning & development resources.

Video content

The explosive growth of YouTube has shown that users love rich content. Video helps put a human face on your employer brand and help candidates and employees relate experiences back to their own. Through our flock we can help storyboard, shoot, edit and deploy creative video to your careers site or social channels.


Corporate events and conferences are a great way to engage your people in your story. And our end-to-end management service can take the stress out of organising everything. We’ll work with you to understand your aims and create inspirational events that leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s your annual leadership conference, a corporate party or a special event – we’ll provide your people with a great experience. 


Engagement isn’t just about internal communications. Giving your employees a voice is an essential part of it too. At Chatter, we can carry out a range of holistic measurements to give you quantitative and qualitative insights into just how engaged your people really are. 


When you experience change within a business, it’s important to feel that you’ve been talked to and consulted with along the way, and developing collateral which helps your people understand the changes fully is an important part of the change process. From leaflet design to personalised letters and information packs we can help.

Digital design and development

Communicating with multiple people at the same time can be difficult, especially if your workforce is spread the length and the breadth of the country or even the globe.

Often digital solutions are the best route to get the message out in a quick and timely manner. We’ll work with your to define the best digital communication solution, develop the messaging and the platforms to ensure it happens and deploy the right solution at the right time.


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