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Standing out from the crowd on social networks.

Unique, Stylish, and Impactful. Dynamically-generated preview images for your Job and Web-pages when shared on social media.

The problem.

What happens when someone shares something, say a job description page, from your careers website on social media? The social network will add a sharing ‘card’ to your post with an image that represents the page, along with the page title and sometimes a short description taken from the page itself.


If you don’t specify an image for that social network to use (an “open graph image”) within the webpage, it’ll have a stab at creating its own… by picking a random image from the page. And, more often than not, the results aren’t pretty.

When it looks like this, would you click? We don’t think we’d be sold…


But if you do specify an image to use for social sharing, it actually appears as quite a big image on social feeds, representing a great opportunity for your post to stand out

You’ll notice the page title and any description is very small below the image – which makes that image a much greater opportunity to really grab someone's attention.


Now, creating a unique image for every page on your website would be a lot of effort, so we usually create one ‘generic’ image to use for all pages. 

It looks so much better now. But if you (or other people) are sharing a lot of jobs it’ll just look like the same post over and over. Will that really grab your attention? And for jobs, wouldn’t it be better to include the job title in the image, in a nice, big font with some pizazz?


So, what if we could use technology to change that – create sharing images for every page, that aren’t just unique, but really attention grabbing? And get more people heading to your site, all by itself?

Our Solution

We’ve put some of the fancy tech behind our “Forge” product (which whips up customisable on-brand posters and images for businesses) to work again. And created a brand new tool to solve this problem. It can automatically generate an image for any page on our careers websites on-the-fly – using visual template layouts and logic we define. That means we can create eye-catching and unique images that combine a really great, on-brand design with dynamic text (e.g. a job or page title) and images that relate to the page you’re sharing. So for every page on your stunning site, you get a bespoke sharing image ready for when someone shares it on social media. 

As standard, we’ll create 2 template designs for you. One specifically for your job description pages, and one to cover all your other pages. But we can optionally also design some different template layouts for your other sections if you want a different look and feel for all the different parts of your website. 

We really want your job descriptions to stand out. That’s why we create a separate template for them, that not only includes the job title in the image, but also the location, business area, and, optionally, an image that better represents the role or that business area, too. 

We’ve just rolled out the technology on our own website....

With a variety of templates to show it off. Just try sharing some of our pages!

Our ‘main’ pages follow our main brand styling features, with the page title. And each new page gets a randomised colour combination, just for fun! Like this:


Pages about our people have a different design – featuring a photo of the person, who they are and a quote from them (you might like to do a similar thing with your people stories, too!). Like this:


All our blog posts have a design that reflects the header of the page – featuring the main image of the blog post, and overlaying the blog post title and our logo:


And we’ve also made a special layout for all our ‘product’ pages:



We’ve built this technology to work seamlessly with the content management system platform we use to build careers websites for our clients. That means it’s super easy for us to add it to any careers websites we’ve created – we just need to design and build the image templates. We might also be able to generate the images for websites hosted elsewhere, but it depends on a couple of factors – we’d be happy to discuss options!

For job description pages, they ideally need to be on the careers website itself using our bespoke ATS-integration technology. But again, we might be able to make it work elsewhere, like if the jobs are displayed on your applicant tracking system provider’s website. Just ask us to look into it!

If you don’t currently have the job description pages on the careers website (like if you view them on the Application website), we think we can make a really good case for moving them over to the careers website. We’ve been doing a lot of work recently to really make job descriptions stand out, be more engaging, and really sell you as a business.

Did you know 30% of your visitors actually land directly on a job description page from Google or Indeed? And they often won’t look at any of your other pages on your careers website. Just see our ‘enriched’ technology for more about it. 

Our ‘enriched’ tool merges the job description from your ATS with dynamic content within our content management system based on the role. For example, pulling in people stories for people in the same roles, talking a bit about the team the role sits within, and much more. To really make your job descriptions shine!.

More about Enriched

What you get out-of-the-box

We’ll work with you to agree on a design for how the images should look when they’re shared online, and then turn those into templates to generate them automatically. So you can relax with the knowledge that every time something from your site gets shared online, your employer brand and design is really shining. Without you having to do anything. 

Price-wise, we have a small up-front cost that covers creating the designs and building the template for the sharing images. After the first year there’s a small ongoing hosting cost for the image generator (the technology to generate the images uses resources and extra web servers to make it work, so there’s some additional costs to us to provide the service that we need to cover).

If you’d like an interactive demo, or to chat about this in more detail – get in touch! We love a natter!

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