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5 top tips for nailing that single vacancy advert

By Adele, on 28th June 2021

Recruiting for single vacancies has always been a bit of a pain, if we’re being honest.

Finding the right place to advertise is problem number one, followed by trying not to break the bank by having to buy in bulk. And if you know where to advertise it’s then getting the copy right so your target potential-new-employee finds it and wants to apply. Suddenly it’s taking far too much time and energy
and you’re not even sure it’s going to deliver the results you need.

A lot of our clients were reporting the same difficulties, which is why we launched our new ONE fixed-fee service. We decided to try and make it simple, straight-forward and most of all successful, with no hidden surprises in terms of price.

If a single vacancy advert is on your to do list, I’ve got some top tips learned from my 20 years in recruitment advertising.

Five top tips to ace a single vacancy advert:

  1. Create a clear, simple searchable job title - your advert needs to be found ... make it easy for potential candidates, otherwise it’s just another job on a job board. If it can’t easily be found by those it’s aimed at, it won’t get the response you want or need.
  2. Tell candidates what they want to know – include salary, location, whether flexible/remote working is offered (which is more important than ever) and be clear on what skills/qualifications they need, to ensure no one’s time is wasted.
  3. You need to engage with the candidate - keep your advert concise and punchy. There’s no need for jargon or internal acronyms - you'll put people off! Formatting and readability are key to keeping your candidate engaged. We’ve built our own in-house Readability tool which can be used to check that copy is optimised for your audiences in terms of readability and gender bias – let us know if you want to have a chat about it.
  4. Include some information to give a flavour of the company culture – that might include company initiatives, mental health or charity support, team/company days etc. Candidates want to know (just as you as an employer does) whether the organisation is a good fit for them. 
  5. A clear call to action – perhaps the most important of them all! For some roles talent is hard to attract - if you have their attention with your advert, don’t lose them by making it difficult for them to apply! You’re also best keeping your advert live and out there as long as you can. Candidates may need time to consider things before applying for your role, so give them a fighting chance to do that.

Or alternatively, why not get in touch about our new ONE service, and breathe a sigh of relief knowing your role is in safe hands…?

Find out more about One from Chatter

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