Are you ready to Welcome Back your employees?

The last couple of months have been pretty unsettling for most of us. Whether you’re working from home, a key worker on the front line, have been furloughed or stood down from your regular job, we’ve all had to adjust to some fairly major life changes. And whether those changes to your working life have felt like positive or not so positive experiences, is often down to how much information you’ve had to understand what’s happening, why it’s all happening and what it means for your career in the longer term. 

Right now, an estimated fifth of the UK’s workforce are on some kind of paid leave. However, our own research shows that just 53% of those people feel positive about the comms they’ve had from their employers during this time, and that just 25% feel their relationship has been strengthened by the process. More tellingly, a further 25% actually think that their relationship with their employer has actually been damaged. 

As those people rejoin businesses and organisations over the coming weeks and months, it’s never been more important to deliver a positive and meaningful message that shows they’re genuinely valued.

That’s why we’ve developed the WELCOME BACK portal. It’s a comprehensive Covid-19 Reboarding Portal that offers “welcome back” messaging, info on updated working practices, IT/Wellbeing support, and much more. All to make returning to work as smooth as possible for your people, and taking the pressure off your HR/People team.

To find out a bit more and get details on prices, head to our dedicated microsite welcomeback.work.

Or get in tough with the team on welcomeback@welovechatter.com.


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