Meet the Chatterinos

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the brains behind the brands and the… umm… talent that can help you get the most from today’s digital world.

Each issue we introduce you to some of the clever people who make our business tick, and this month it’s everyone’s favourite Account Executive, Saskia.

Sas joined Chatter in November 2015 as a Digital Marketing Apprentice after spending two years at Sixth Form College, studying Art, Photography & Sociology. Since then she’s been quickly working her way up the ladder, having first been promoted to Marketing Executive, and then to her current role as an Account Executive. 

Day to day, Sas plays a vital part in both marketing and client management, which means she’s the perfect pick for a newsletter issue that’s focused on effective teamworking.

In her own words, she’s “learned so much, ​met some amazing people, ​had the opportunity to work with some fab clients - and can't believe ​it's been nearly 3 years​ already!”.

We persuaded Sas to close her MacBook for 5 minutes for a quick catch up, and we asked her if she could only watch, read and own one thing for the rest of your life, what would they be?

​“Watch? That's such a hard question! But it's got to be Friends. I'll never get bored of Chandler's sarcasm or Phoebe's Smelly Cat”.

“Read? Hmm. Shamefully I'm not much of a reader, except from the odd chick flick sat on a beach somewhere sunny. So, I'll go for Heat magazine. Obviously you've got to keep up with the latest fashion and celebrity gossip…”.

“Own? Of course - my little Batmobile, Whitney. No doubt about it. She can take me anywhere!”.

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Meet the Chatterinos

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the brains behind the brands... and this month it’s Alex, one of our newest Account Managers!

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