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All eyes are on Harry Kane, England’s No.9

How have you been keeping up with the world cup? Along with some slightly OTT decorations that Lisa acquired from Asda down the road, we’ve been having some internal competition of our own with an office sweepstake. So with our own teams to support, and given that we’re a competitive bunch at the best of times, things have been getting heated to say the least. But one thing we all have in common is that we’re keeping a close eye on Harry Kane and the rest of the England team, and right now we’re quietly confident. As for whether the agency is still intact by the end of the tournament… well, we’ll keep you posted.


The office was full of K9s

Speaking of effective teams, you may or may not have noticed that we often have a few furry friends around the Roost during the working week. They’re definitely very helpful when it comes to productivity and not distracting AT ALL. Anyway, four dogs for one office isn’t even that many, right?

Well, last Friday we had the perfect excuse to appreciate all of our poochies because it was Bring Your Dog to Work Day! And yes, that is a completely official and real thing, before you ask.

All in all, despite the puppies’ occasional house training blips, Digby’s RARE theft of Fi’s lunch, and Roxy falling into the canal on lunchtime walks, we wouldn’t have them any other way.

Tom comes in at number 169

Abu Dhabi. Gold Coast. Yokohama. Bermuda. Leeds?

We all know that Leeds is proud of its triathletes. After all, there's a pub named after the Brownlee brothers! And for one weekend in June, Leeds is the centre of the triathlon world as the city hosts a World Triathlon Series event.

Before the pros take to the streets, they let the amateurs loose on the course, and our Tom and some of his triathlon club buddies were just some of the thousands of lycra clad people at the start line in Roundhay Park getting ready for a dip in the murky waters of the Waterloo Lake.

Now, we're reliably informed that an Olympic-distance triathlon is normally 1500m of swimming, 40km of cycling, and a 10km run to finish it all off. However, some 

early morning fog meant the swim distance was reduced for safety reasons, but once the sun came out conditions were perfect for a sprint finish in Millennium Square.

South African Richard Murray headed up the men's elite race, while elite women's race was won by Britain's own Vicky Holland. Tom came 169th out of just over 1800 men who took part and actually performed better than both Ali and Jonny Brownlee. One didn't make it to the start line and the other dropped out halfway through the run with a stomach bug. So it may be a technicality, but Tom’s claiming it all the same!

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Goal net with view of football pitch

The Chatter/Pollard Fantasy League Cup - Week 1

After what seems like forever, the Chatter 2019-20 Fantasy League Cup 2020 is finally upon us. The contenders this year come from the Chatter HQ itself, as well as our lovely client base and the homes of the Chatterinos. While I personally have no shot at the title already this year with the likes of Tom Padgett RUINING the competition with a 97 start and Sterling as captain, I will persevere.

Search Leeds 2019 Speaker Talking

Search Leeds 2019 - The Roundup

From mobile-first marketing to an SEO Bullsh* Battle, Search Leeds had speakers covering the latest and greatest in the world of Search Marketing. Join Jason from our digital team as he recaps some of the best bits of the event.

Green smoothie

Self de-selection - what is it and why you should be using it

The other day I was joking with another friend who works in marketing about some of the phrases we all use, and sometimes hate ourselves for using. But we still do use them because we know it sounds good, and sometimes is actually the best way to describe something.

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