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What’s floating your boat in 2020?

January 2020. It’s not just a new year, it’s the start of a whole new decade. Exciting stuff, right? So now that we’ve prised ourselves away from the telly, finished off the last of the Baileys, and hoovered up all the pine needles, we thought we’d spend the next few days asking some of our lovely clients what got them excited in 2019… and what they’re most looking forward to in 2020.

Here’s what some of them have already told us…

Over at Epson, Amy Edwards spent much of last year getting to grips with her Employer Brand role, with particular highlights being a trip to the World Employer Brand day in Lisbon and winning a bronze at the IHR awards. And she’s planning to kick this decade off by launching Epson’s new employer brand - and making sure everyone is just as excited about it as we all are!

We also caught up with Melissa Woodall from The Very Group, who told us that her proudest moment in 2019 was launching their first ever employer brand and careers site under the Shop Direct brand… and that this year’s big new challenge is all about rebranding to The Very Group, not to mention activating a new EVP across all key candidate and colleague touchpoints.

And Lyndsey Marshall from O2 spent a chunk of 2019 celebrating three nominations for O2’s social recruitment strategy, while launching new recruitment messaging which is going down a storm. 2020 for O2 is all about delivering even more exciting things, including a brand new O2 Hub and EVP, with a little help from us.

As for Chatter, well, we loved 2019 for its challenges. We like to chat a bit about politics over at The Roost but in 2019 it seemed to take over and we’ve noticed lots of uncertainty around Brexit and the effect it’s going to have on the UK employment market. But that was last year and, looking forward to 2020, we’re planning to get this decade off to an incredible start with a flurry of exciting new projects, new clients and new thinking around employer brand and how important it’s going to be in building our clients’ businesses throughout the next decade. Roaring twenties? We’re ready for you!

So what about you? What made your 2019 one to remember… and more importantly what have you got in store for 2020?

We’d love to hear your plans!

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