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Creative Director (Design)

I’m a creative director, which ultimately is visual communication. It’s that interest in the communication part that has led me to people comms.

What brought you to employer branding?

Put simply I’m a creative director, which ultimately is visual communication. And it’s that interest in the communication part that has led me to people comms. My early career was purely customer facing, products and services stuff! 

Arriving at people comms is effectively a tale of three agencies.

Number one did a lot of work on branding offices and internal spaces, it was here where I was first exposed to messaging primarily aimed at employees. I was able to explore the impact of the way an organisation communicates internally and the psychology of what a physical space meant to the people in it. How these elements can positively or negatively affect wellbeing and productivity for example.

Knowing more on the subject I moved to a purely internal comms agency (agency number two). Here I was involved in various projects. Ranging from change programmes such as rolling out digital systems to a one paper only business, full EVPs, leadership development material and much more.

And finally to number three, where I still get to do all of the above. Throw talent acquisition into the mix and it’s pretty much all bases covered. What’s great is I’m able to put the knowledge and experience I’ve gained up to now to good use, be creative and have a positive impact on people's lives. And that’s not a bad way to spend your days!

Tell us about a project that you feel proud of.

There’s loads of worthy projects but choosing  a recent one that I was heavily involved in I’d say the O2 Networks Comms. Fundamentally it was an exercise in making something complex simple to understand. O2’s in-store teams and beyond were finding it difficult to take in the sheer volume of information connected with their mobile network, which meant they lacked confidence in answering customer questions on the subject. The existing material was very technical, jargon heavy and disconnected from real cases. Why do I momentarily lose signal when traveling from A to B for example.

Our job was to find a way to do this, which we did and I’m very proud of the outcome.

In purely visual terms it looked great, although there was so much more to it than just creating beautiful graphics. We needed to build a toolkit to tell various stories. Each element works in a modular way across a range of outputs. More impressive however were the results - leading to a massive increase in engagement levels on the topic.

I think the project really benefited from the creative team being involved from the outset. We were able to gain greater understanding of the requirement, and being there throughout meant, not only do we know a vast amount about mobile networks, but the client can put their full trust in us to deliver what they need. Which they’ve continued to do for over a year now as their network and technology has evolved.

If you had to sum Chatter up in three words what would they be?

Energetic. . Conscientious.. Creative..

When you’re not working, what gets you out of bed on a weekend?

My biggest passion is music, listening primarily. I can’t play a note, in fact I struggle to clap along in time! My interest expands to reading about artists, watching documentaries on musical movements or how and why things sound like they do. I spend a fair bit of time (and cash) in record shops which can put a strain on a day out in town with the family, but does mean I’m easy to buy for when it comes to birthdays and Christmas.

I like watching most sports and getting out for a run as often as possible - with my headphones in of course. 

Oh, and spending time with the family (just in case they’re reading this).

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