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My role is increasingly focused on the services we offer to our clients and the way we build and structure our teams to continue to deliver exceptional service.

What brought you to employer branding?

I started my agency career working for TMP and Barkers in business development roles. I was always interested in understanding what the challenges looked like from the client perspective and got more and more involved in working with others to imagine what some of the solutions might look like.

Applying creativity and some common sense thinking has always been very appealing. Particularly because we're helping make workplaces better for everyone - that purpose to find ways to improve the experience of employees whilst helping clients achieve their objectives to grow their business, has always been of interest.

It was something that me, Lisa and Jon all shared as a perspective, so setting up Chatter seemed like a natural next step.

Tell us about a project that you feel proud of.

It was an idea to improve the way we approached EVP and Employer brand consultancy. I realised there was a lot of confusion around the language being used to define the whole concept of Employer Brand. Not only that, the processes clients were going though were often over engineered and not significantly effective.

It was the start of a 6 year project to not only properly define what an employer brand can do, but to develop a set of models, tools and resources to deliver a focused strategy with clear links between the business plan and the people plan. 

Having launched and tested with a range of clients as part of the initial testing phase, we've gone on to deliver it across a wide range of clients, helping to solve specific issues and deliver measurable benefits to their business.

If you had to sum Chatter up in three words what would they be?

Genuine. Energetic. Expert.

When you’re not working, what gets you out of bed on a weekend?

Usually the wet nose of a dog wanting a long weekend walk!

But I'm also an enthusiastic, but often unsuccessful gardener, I'm a great cook and really enjoy getting people round for a decent feed. I love live music and live sport strictly as a spectator. But my biggest passion is for travel, adventure and exploring.

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