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Building more than just careers sites

By Chatter, on 25th March 2024

Our Front-End Web Developer, Aaron has been at Chatter for 3 and a half years so far! Find out more about his favourite projects he’s worked on and how AI could impact web design processes. 


Do you have a favourite project you’ve worked on at Chatter? 

That’s a difficult choice because we’ve worked on so many amazing sites, each with their own unique challenges. If I had to pick one I’d go with the WHSmith Careers website, it was an all-round great site to work on and managing all of their brands in a single place was a lot of fun. The final product looks stunning. 

It was also one of the first websites we experimented with and used our Enriched Job Descriptions - it was a huge improvement over standard ATS job descriptions helping candidates get a better feel of what was on offer and make them more likely to apply. 


What do clients often forget to consider when briefing a careers website? 

Understanding bigger picture objectives and specific challenges that clients’ businesses are experiencing can really help us build something more effective than just a careers site - and it’s where we come into our own. 

For example, specific hiring problems such as low quality applications or too few applications for in demand roles - knowing this helps us design and build solutions and a UX experience that can make a careers site more than just a shop-window for your business. It can also help solve real problems across attraction and application for candidates - all the while improving the candidate experience and standing out against your competitors. 


What’s been one of the most complex digital challenges you’ve faced and what was the solution? 

The Yorkshire Building Society Money Minds project instantly comes to mind. It was a pretty complex project being an educational website for school children and local communities to learn about managing money and budgeting as part of their social outreach programme.  Because it was unlike anything we’d built before, we got to have some fun with it, building something for a different audience that had a very different purpose to a careers site -  and we really enjoyed the challenge.

We developed a handful of web based learning games which also integrated seamlessly into the rest of the site. It was a really good opportunity to flex and use some fun tech that we don’t normally use for career websites, and the perfect example of how well we work together as an agency, adapting to requirements and coming up with innovative solutions.


What exciting things could AI help with in web design?

AI has the potential to be a great addition in the prototyping stage, it could allow for designers to focus on high level concepts while AI handles the details. Being able to wireframe layouts and have an AI generate images in real-time of how it could look. It could be a massive productivity boost, help with the approval process and inspire new ideas more readily.

UX is another place which seems like a good place for AI to assist, spotting patterns on how users are navigating and interacting with careers websites would help us at the design phase to ensure the candidate's journey through the website is as smooth as possible getting them to the content they want to see and creating a personalised experience that encourages more applications and a better fit of candidates for a role.


Why should people choose Chatter as a digital partner?

We're a friendly bunch with a load of combined experience who love to get our heads together and come up with solutions to problems. We manage every step of a project in-house and there's always someone around willing to lend a hand or get involved. It helps us come up with unique and bespoke solutions for our clients, helping them stand out and attract and capture the best candidates for their roles.


What do you enjoy most about working at Chatter?

The work we do day to day is just really rewarding - we get to work with some amazing clients from all over the world. There’s so much passion from everyone in the agency when delivering projects and being able to play a part of that is something to be truly proud of.

On top of that, Chatter really does practise what they preach - it’s great to work for a company that not only goes above and beyond for their clients, but also for their employees.

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