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Goodbye to EU

Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Do widzenia, Antio sas, Adios, Vaarwel, Dovizhdane, Ahoj, Farvel, Hüvasti, Hyvästi, Viszontlátásra, Slan, Addio, Ardievas, Atsisveikina, Äddi, Addiju, Tchau, La reverdere, Zbohom, Zbogon, Adjö.

Saying farewell is tough in any language. It’s big. It’s significant and it’s final. But goodbyes can also be remarkably quiet too. Often there’s mixed feelings - regret about things you’re leaving behind, and excitement about what’s still to come. 

How we each say goodbye today will be different for each of us. For some it’ll be cheering and celebrating. For others it’ll be with relief that the uncertainty is over. For me it will be with fond memories and warm regards.

I want to stay, but I know I must leave. 

And whilst I’ll be sad for a short while, I’m up for the challenges that lie ahead. Because now is the time. The time to come together. The time to forgive and forget. It’s a time to think about what the future could be, and the part we’ll each play.  

So what’s it gonna take?

1: Belief
We must leave the past behind us. We have to find a way to believe in Britain. A Britain that works for everyone. For me, that’s about being inclusive, forward thinking and innovative. A place where fair play and democracy still hold true. And where respect and kindness is freely traded. 

2: Openness
We have to be open for business to the whole world. We can’t cream off the top, expecting to have all the benefit and none of the challenge. We’re best when we’re working together. On climate, on security, on economy – we can’t go it alone. We have to welcome the world. 

3: Expectation
We should hold our leaders to account. We cannot continue to accept lies, broken promises and cronyism. We must be more active. Find ways to get involved in the debate. Stand up for the things we believe in and demand better. 

4: Put your back into it
Don’t be a whinging pom. Let’s get stuck in. Playing the blame game or leaving it for others to sort out won’t fly. There’s a lot to be done so roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. 

5: Don’t worry
My Niece plays 3 little birds at full volume on repeat and I never tire of hearing it. Despite what the papers say, every little thing, is gonna be alright. Be happy. You’ll have so much more fun. 

So dry your eye or raise a toast. The next few years are gonna be tough, but with a bit of belief, a splosh of openness and expectation we can enjoy the hard work and the amazing things we can achieve when we’re all facing forward. 

Bye Bye EU – it’s been a blast. 

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