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Peter Brett Associates are an independent engineering consultancy with offices around the UK. They hire apprentices, graduates, experienced engineers, planners, scientists, economists, property professionals, and more. And they had tied all their comms activity around a central set of values, or a ‘common thread’ as they call it, for years.

Our brief was to update that common thread and help focus their attraction and recruitment strategies. And that involved making sure their internal messaging was effective when it came to engaging existing employees, and refreshing their external messaging too, to make it much more effective for recruitment audiences.

But engineering is a highly competitive market. There’s an ageing population at one end, and not enough young people studying for (or staying in!) STEM careers at the other.

And, well, we haven’t even mentioned diversity. 

With ‘male, pale and stale’ being a theme across most big consultancies, it’s important that a recruitment brand in this sector can stand out and appeal to a wide range of audiences, while also helping a business grow and succeed.


After initial focus groups with employees, and in-depth interviews with senior leaders, we helped PBA refine their vision statement:

“A workplace that’s built on trust, powered by collaboration, driven by ambition, and encourages everyday creative thinking. A workplace with a common thread that runs through every last one of us.”

Then, we defined a number of key messages:

  • We are bigger than you imagine – despite not being a household name, PBA are involved in the kind of major projects that attract experienced engineers. 
  • We’ll be a better business when you join – the business is trusting and collaborative, and very much open to people bringing in new concepts, new ways of working, and new ways of approaching problems.
  • We are everyday creative thinkers - PBA people are problem solvers who are challenged to approach issues in new ways. They’re innovators who find solutions where others can’t. 

Given that the primary channel for our comms would be social media, we wanted to create something that would stand out from the dark blues and the people/project imagery that defines the sector.

We wanted something that would appeal to candidates who were looking for something different from their engineering employer.

We wanted something bold. And something quirky.

This was the thinking behind our concept. We took normal, everyday objects and scaled them up alongside technical drawings. It’s an idea that communicates creative thinking to a specific target audience. It inspires people to imagine the potential in the things they see around them. And it tells the world who PBA are as a business.


“We set out working with Chatter to create an original, fresh EVP for PBA that really stood out from our competitors. We wanted to be bold and original, yet authentic in our messaging. We based our ideas and themes on what our staff were telling us about all the great things they loved about PBA… and we couldn’t be more delighted with the results! 

Since it’s inception we have used our EVP messaging and collateral in everything we do. We promote it via our digital channels. We proactively push our messaging via our Talent Acquisition training (and actively encourage our PBA staff to use our LinkedIn banners!). We also recently utilised the imagery to create a unique identity for our talent referral scheme and soon to be launched internal jobs board.

And we didn’t stop there. Our EVP material was also pushed into the digital recruitment world on Gradcracker, LinkedIn, Totaljobs, CIEEM, Route to Clean Air conference and, to name just a few sites. And there will be more to come!

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Kaya Lee - PBA

The response from our PBA staff has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s different, it’s bold, it’s authentic and we love it!

To chatter, thank you!

Kaya Lee - PBA